Hey everyone…sooo, as you can see, today’s page, beyond just being really late, is also rather devoid of color. Again. I always try to be straight with you about this, so here’s how it is – our colorist is working himself silly trying to color things and balance other jobs, so he simply wasn’t able to make it this week, HOWEVER we did get page 92 uploaded in full color, so you should go back and check that out (I think it turned out great!).

Also, next week, Jeff and I will be attending an event here in Bulgaria, and as such we decided it would be for the best to give next week off to our colorist, just so he’ll have a chance to catch his breath. Whether that means I’ll upload another black and white page, or the page will be missing altogether, I can’t tell you right now, since I just don’t know. I apologize yet again for the constant delays and page-skips we’ve had in our schedule for the past year or so, however real life keeps getting in the way, as it is wont to do.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the bloodshed! (EDIT: And now, with added color around the bloodshed as well!)

– Kalin