Greetings everyone, and I hope your Sacred Time rites were successful during the holidays! I would just like to personally thank all of you – those who support us on Patreon and make this comic possible ,as well as those of you who just follow us every week. You guys are great!

Now, as you can see the comic this week looks slightly…colorless. The reason for that is simple – our colorist simply didn’t have the time during the holidays, so I decided that instead of making you wait even longer, I’ll just post the page in this version, while we all await the colored one. Once that one is done, I’ll simply replace it here.

2016 was kind of rough for the comic, what with me having to pause it a few times just to catch up with life, other work and all kinds of stuff like that. But we’re still going, and that’s what’s important! I will, of course, try and not let stuff like this happen in 2017, but let’s be real here – I can’t actually promise anything, except that I will try my best.

EDIT: Hey, look at this – the explosion suddenly became much more colorful!

– Kalin