The most famous collection of Argrath stories, “The Annotated Argrath’s Saga”, says simply:

When Argrath was fourteen he killed the Lunar tax collectors who were plundering his family’s stead.

This deed, performed by a young man filled with the power of one of the great gods of Glorantha, had far-reaching consequences for the whole world. Argrath’s Oath (see Episode 7)  is claimed by some chroniclers as the trigger for the Hero Wars, although such a claim seems overstated.


Argrath’s patron deity is Orlanth, the great god of storm. At this stage in his life, Argrath was believed to be a follower of Orlanth Adventurous. Orlanth is described in the Hero Wars era Prosopaedia attributed to Bastakos Forkbeard as follows:

(OR-lanth) Orlanth pantheon – King of the Gods, storm god, chieftain, and warrior, leader of the Lightbringers

Orlanth is the King of the Gods, Master of Storms, Death Wielder, and Bringer of Light. He is one of the Seven Lightbringers, and is the chief of those deities. His worship is widespread throughout much of Glorantha.

Orlanth is the son of Umath and Kero Fin. Orlanth is heir to great portions of his father’s realms, and thus he is sometimes conflated with Umath. Orlanth slew Yelm in the Gods War, and conquered the world in the Storm Age. When Chaos entered the world. Orlanth took responsibility for his action and undertook the Lightbringers Quest to rescue the world. He is a dire foe of the Red Goddess of the Lunar Empire.

His worshipers know of several incar­nations of Orlanth.

Orlanth Thunderous is Orlanth’s aspect as the weather god. His attributes are primarily atmospheric phenomena such as cloud, wind, and the thunderbolt. His interests are primarily fertility and life-oriented, and he is a god of farmers and herders. He is worshiped with Ernalda as his wife. Heler, God of Rain, is always nearby.

When known as Orlanth Adventurous his skills as a poet, fighter, and lover are renowned. Ernalda is often present as only one of his many lovers. His friends are all battle companions, such as Humakt and Urox.

As Orlanth Rex he is praised as the supreme King, and his worshipers strive to emulate his regal skills. He knows justice and leadership, fine rhetoric, and other skills needed to rule.

Orlanth Lightbringer is the mystical and Heroquesting aspect of the god. It shows the god at his prime, in the midst of dangers that often cannot be beaten. He is tested and bested. His virtues are rent and tattered, but his vision holds true for all questers, and in the end the rewards are greater than all the pain and loss suffered to gain them.

Many lesser gods and spirits are attached to his cult. His religion is one of the largest and most complete in the world, as is only fitting the King of the Gods.

The constellation of seven to ten yellow stars that spiral around a central green star is widely known as Orlanth’s Ring. It is a unique celestial phenomena that slowly spirals up the Sky Dome over a seven day period, only to disappear for seven days after it reaches the top.

He is usually shown as a vigorous man of varying age, armed with the thunderbolt and other warrior’s weapons, and wearing a chieftain’s arm rings.