The Redlands: The lands beyond the Oraya Satrapy are wide plains once ruled by Pentan nomads but abandoned more than a century ago. It is still most empty except for a few villages of Lunar pioneers and a few bands of Pentan nomads who have returned in recent years.

Varn Aks people: The Varn Aks are one of the Ten Arrows of Pent. They herd cattle, sheep, and goats, and worship the West King Wind, North War Wind, South Rage Wind, East Sting Wind, and Gamara the Horse Goddess.

Beat-Pot’s Rebellion: In 7/43, Beat-Pot took up his cleaver and butchered his overseers, starting a slave rebellion that rocked the Oraya Satrapy. He beat his cooking pot into a helmet and took an executioner’s sword, said to have once been the cleaver of a giant. He defeated the Lunar satrap and his army and quickly seized all of Oraya except the capital city itself.