Greetings fellow readers! Kalin here.
We’ve had quite the (not entirely planned) lull in Prince of Sartar’s posting history, and we’re sorry for how things turned out. However, as of this month the comic has been back on track! Now, some of you who follow us and support us on Patreon (thank you!) area already aware of the announcement we made, but it bears repeating here for the rest of our readers.

As of this month, and at least for the next few, Prince of Sartar will be moving to a monthly posting schedule. My hope is that this will help eliminate the skips of one to two weeks (or months, in this case…) that keep happening when either Jeff or I get hit with work that must take precedent over the webcomic. So instead of a new page every Sunday, what you will all get instead is all of the pages for the month posted, one after the other, at the end of the month. The first one is today, and the next three shall be posted in the following days, so be sure to come back tomorrow for the next one!

While this means that there will be periods during the month itself where no new pages will be up, we do hope this will make the comic go back to a consistent post rate.

With that, I want to say thank you to all of those who stuck with us, and I hope you will come back to following the comic regularly once more.