Chapter 6 - Battle for the Cradle

Chapter 1 - Initiation

We travel to the mountainous kingdom of Sartar, meet young Argrath, watch his initiation, an introduction to Lunars, and learn why he left the clan to begin his heroic journey,

Chapter 2 - The Lunar Way

We meet the Beatpot Aelwrin as he rebels against the Lunar Empire, and come face to face with Jar-eel, an Incarnation of the Red Goddess.

Chapter 3 - The White Bear

We meet Belintar, God King of the Holy Country and bringer of peace and stability. But that peace is threatened by the terrible Wolf Pirates led by the most destructive force in all of Glorantha: Harrek the Berserk and his lieutenant Gunda the Guilty.

Chapter 4 - Visions